How many people can we support in the United States?



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    I wasn’t able to find a good number that I could cite and people could speculate but the true question is: at what cost? The current population is at over 300 million and if it continues to grow, we will have to have the infrastructure to support them. At this juncture, we certainly don’t have enough fossil fuels to continue to support everyone, we haven’t developed the renewable energy, and consumerism continues to grow. Food production is all ready cramped with CAFOs or large-scaled farms that are packed wall to wall with animals specifically bred for consumption, who live a live with the poorest quality. On corn farms, corn is planted as tightly as possible and crops are not rotated, which exhausts the land, but continues to feed a population because corn is incredibly cheap. As our practices are now, even our current population can’t sustain it and I am not encouraged when I see the population continue to grow. To be fair, even the US doesn’t have as dense a population as many other countries and the world’s population isn’t at a number that scientists deem ‘over populated’ so we will continue to grow.

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