How many people can be fed by 10 acres of crops?



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    It depends on the techniques you’re using to grow the crops.   Supposedly 5 people can comfortably live off one acre using conventional gardening or farming methods – so 5 x 10 = 50 people for 10 acres.  If you cultivate the ground though using deep bed techniques and companion planting instead of monocultural agriculture, you can get 4 times as much produce.   A deep bed garden of only 100 square feet can produce 200 to 400 pounds of vegetables per year.  An acre is 43560 square feet.  The average American eats 322 pounds of vegetables per year.  

            The Dervaes family produces 6,000 pounds of food per year on their 1/10 of an acre Pasadena suburban plot through application of some of the techniques mentioned above.  So imagine then growing 60,000 pounds of food per acre x 10 acres – you could potentially grow 600,000 pounds of vegetables in 10 acres, divide by the 322 pounds consumed by the average American, and satisfy the vegetable consumption of 1,863 people with that 10 acres of land.  

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