How many pandas are currently in the United States?



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    As of 2007 listings, there are 14 giant pandas in US zoos.  The San Diego Zoo has 5, D.C.’s US National Zoo has 3, Zoo Atlanta has 4, and Memphis Zoo has 2. 

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    I’m assuming you’re referring to the giant pandas. There are a number of them in captivity in zoos: 5 in San Diego, 3 in Washington DC, 4 in Atlanta, 2 in Memphis. So that’s 14 together.

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    All the zoos in the US have their pandas leased from China.  There are only 2000 in the wild and 200 in captivity world wide.  The US has 14 pandas in captivity in DC, Memphis, Atlanta, and San Diego.  This makes them quite the rare sight to see.  There are numerous red pandas as well, but I am assuming you are talking about giant pandas.  

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