How many offshore wind farms would the U.S. need to build to completely replace coal-fired plants?



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    Jeeze  — good question — let’s see now…  here’s a figure on the total energy production from coal in the US (it’s astronomical!) we produced 2,090,455,000,000 kWh of energy from coal in the US in 2004… Let’s assume it hasn’t changed that much … we’re somewhere around 2 trillion kWh of energy just from coal (good God, how are we able to waste so much energy!?) Anyway… the biggest offshore wind farm produces 90 megawatts of energy — let’s take a lower estimate and say 75 MW of energy will be our average amount produced per wind farm… convert that to kWh — 1 megawatt equals 1000 kilowatts (mega for a million, kilo for a thousand) and then we get 75,000 kWh per wind farm.  To produce 2 trillion kWh of energy we would need (Yikes!) about 26 million offshore wind farms. (Crap.) That’s why we need all forms of sustainable energy working in full force together — because we do not have that much real estate on beach fronts to install 26 millions (let alone 26 thousand) wind farms! I’m sad I figured that out and it is that scary — consider though, that much of the energy produced by these coal plants is completely wasted and that when we get the super grid installed a lot less will be needed to do the same amount— we are going to be able to use a much greater precentage of what gets produced in the future instead of just allowing it to go to waste —there is HOPE yet!

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