How many oceans have a lot of oil in them?



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    The Arctic Ocean supposedly contains half of the worlds oil reserves. I’m not sure about the other oceans, but the Arctic certainly takes the cake.  

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    If you’re interested in the oceans with the most oil due to oil spills, here’s a map of the 10 biggest oil spills. The maps divides the spills intro 3 categories: tanker accidents, gushing wells, and acts of war. The squares represent the type of oil spill and the size. While these don’t include all the oil spills, and do include some on land, you can definitely get the idea that the Atlantic Ocean has had some pretty bad ones.

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    If you want to include arms and branches, such as the Persian Gulf (an arm of the Indian Ocean) and Gulf of Mexico (a branch of the Atlantic), then either the Indian or the Atlantic will have far far more confirmed reserves than the Arctic. Most of the reserves mentioned in the article cited in the other answer are not confirmed.

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