How many northern Rockies gray wolves are left?



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    The US Fish and Wildlife Service estimates there to be over 1,500 gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountain region.  The wolf population has continued to increase since 2002. The gray wolf was protected under the Endangered Species act, but due to increased breeding was removed January 2009. Wyoming will be the only state in the Norther Rocky Mountain region where the gray wolf is still protected due to a bureaucratic loophole.

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    According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there were 1,243 Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolves in 2006. They were delisted from the endangered species list in January 2009, because they have exceeded breeding expectations every year since 2002, according to the USFWS. But Defenders of Wildlife is suing the government to re-list Grey Wolves in the Rocky Mountains (they say there are now 1,600 wolves in the region).

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