How many mosquitoes does a bat eat in a day?



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    A bat’s diet depends on its location.  About 70% of bats eat only insects.  These bats can catch up to 2000 insects per night using echolocation.  A single little brown bat can catch up to 600 mosquitos in an hour.  Other bats eat fruit or nectar, and can act as pollinators.

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    Brown bats have the capacity to eat between 600 and 1000 mosquitoes in an hour (up to 10 mosquitoes per minute!), and bats that do eat insects are known to eat on average 3,000 mosquitoes every night. Bats will only eat at the 10 mosquito/minute rate until they are full, so feeding will only take a couple of hours. This mosquito feeding is why some towns with mosquito problems will set up habitats to attract bats.

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