How many more years do you think the Earth has?



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    The earth will likely be destroyed when the sun changes into a red giant, 4 billion years from now. In 250 million years from now it is very likely that another ice age will occur. 

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    I think the earth will likely make it several billion more years….human civilization might ruin it and cause inhospitible conditions for life, but I think the planet will still be here.

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    It’s difficult to put a timeline on something so variable.  There are lots of universal causes that could lead to an interferance with Earth, and there’s a lot that change within the planet.  Water once covered everything, and it may cover everything again by way of a cyclical pattern, but humans seem to be speeding up the process.  The best estimate is billions of years, but again, anything can happen.

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    It’s really hard to say definitively.  Even though humans are causing enormous damage to the Earth, humans might not survive billions of years, but I think the planet will.  There will probably be another ice age and more drastic climate changes in the future.  But really, this is all speculation and anything can happen.  Scientists have modeled data etc., but it’s anybody’s guess at this point.  

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