How many more votes does the climate bill need before it passes?



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    The climate bill was abandoned earlier this summer, due to much opposition from Republican senators.  Instead, Congress is persuing bills specifically related to cleaning up the BP oil spill, and unemployment.  It is unknown when another climate bill will be brought up in Congress, so many people are now focusing on the EPA, which has the authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions. 

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      environment swept under the carpet once again. I am waiting for the day that we (the world) can collectively agree and understand that the services provided by the earth cannot be given a $ value, it way surpasses any industry in the world in terms of human service it can provide (clean water, crops, fruits, meat, air, life…). But yet we are hesitant and resistant to spend any money federally to help preserve it. Maybe I am the one who is crazy and doesn’t understand.

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