How many more calories a day do you need to be burning than consuming in order to lose weight?



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    You need to burn 3500 calories more than you consume in order to lose one pound. It is not healthy to do this in a short-term span. A good goal would be to lose one pound a week.

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    Check out They have a food diary to log in the food you eat and also tell you how much exercise you should do in a aweek and how many calories you are allowed to eat in order to lose weight. The key is to burn more calories than you consume.

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    If over a week you cut around 1700 in calories from your diet and expend the other 1700 through exercise, you’ll reach your goal much faster and easier than just one or the other.

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    To lose weight, it is best to burn more calories than you consume per day. However, eating unhealthy and exercising will be an ineffective way to lose weight since the amount of fat and carbs consumed won’t necessarily be burned off. For instance, if you were to only eat only ten krispy kreme donuts that day and perform a regular exercise, weight loss can’t really occur.

    It is important to keep track of calories, but also consider the amount of carbs, fats, and proteins a particular food has.

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