How many moons does mars have?



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    Mars has two small, asteroid-sized Moons named Phobos and Deimos. “Phobos (fear) and Deimos (panic) were named after the horses that pulled the chariot of the Greek war god Ares, the counterpart to the Roman war god Mars. Both Phobos and Deimos were discovered in 1877 by American astronomer Asaph Hall. The moons appear to have surface materials similar to many asteroids in the outer asteroid belt, which leads most scientists to believe that Phobos and Deimos are captured asteroids.”

    Between the two, Phobos is larger and orbits closer to Mars. It measures 22.7 km across and can orbit Mars twice a day. Deimos measures 2.6 km across but orbits farther from Mars. A complete orbit around Mars would take 30.35 hours.

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