How many missions has NASA made to Mars?



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    To view NASA’s historical log of missions to Mars, visit the link below; according to the log, the US has sent 19 missions. To view future missions and their launch schedules, visit the second link below.

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    Twelve successful in total:

    -The Mariner 4 flew by Mars in 1964

    -Mariner 6 flyby 1969

    -Mariner 7 flyby 1969

    -The Mariner 9 orbited Mars in 1971

    -Viking 1 and Viking 2, both launched in 1976, had orbiters & landers

    -Mars Global Surveyor in 1996

    -Mars Pathfinder 1996/7

    -Mars Odyssey 2001

    -2003 Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity

    -2005 Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter

    -Phoenix Mars lander, launched 2007/landed 2008

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    Check out the link below, it is a visual representation of all the space missions undertaken by man to the planets and beyond. Mars has seen 40 different successful missions from a great host of countries.

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