How many missing people were there as a result of Tambora’s explosion?



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    There are various estimations of the death toll, but given the circumstances, I don’t think anyone calculated a missing persons number.   The Tambora people were a primitive culture; even the nearby British post knew very little about them and only had 40 some words of their language documented.  The year was 1815 so technology was limited and the devastating effects of the explosion occurred so quickly that only 31 of the estimated 12000 people living in the affected area of the peninsula were able to escape, 26 of whom were severely burned.  Given the complete obliteration of the peninsula, the handful of survivors, and the preoccupation with the problems that occurred in the aftermath of the eruption, there were probably no people capable of going into the disaster zone to recover bodies, confirm a death toll, or calculate a missing persons number.  If you were a Tamborian who was not one of the 31 people who’d escaped or one of the 40 residents of Tempo, the only village in the Tambora culture that did’t get wiped out, you were considered dead.  

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