how many mediterranean monk seals are there left?



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    The mediterranean monk seal is one of the most endangered marine mammals.  There are only about 600 or fewer of these seals left in the world.  

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    It seems as though there are currently fewer than 600 living Mediterranean monk seals left. 

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    There are only about 400 Mediterranean Monk Seals left in the world.  The remainder reside in the (surprise, surprise) Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Turkey.  One issue contributing to their decline is their inability to live in captivity: essentially, we cannot fix the situation by trying to breed them ourselves. 

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    The Mediterranean Monk Seal is the world’s second rarest pinniped and is considered on of the most endangered mammals in the wold. It is believed that there are between 350 – 450 individuals left in the wild. Causes to their low population is commercial hunting because during the 20th century many fisherman saw them as pests because they would cause damage to fishing nets. Coastal urbanization and pollution are also factors which has led to a decline in their numbers. There are now only two sites where there are seals left, one in the Aegean Sea (150-200 in Greece and 100 in Turkey) and the other one is the Western Saharan portion of Cabo Blanco. 

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