How many marine animals die from pollution each year

From websites there is a massive number of marine animals die each year from toxic waste. there is around 100,000 marine animals and over 1 million sea birds die each year. The more oil gets spilled into the ocean less marine animals.



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    You seem to have a number already, but I was able to find some information of trash debris in the oceans. It seems about 267 different species that call the ocean home have been affected by solid debris in the oceans, either by entanglement, strangulation, or ingestion. Th kind of animals affected range from birds to fish to even coral reefs. The article below lists this type of pollution in four categories: coastal trash from beaches, debris from sewage systems, used fishing products, and waste dumped over from ships and water vessels. The article also states that about 80% of this debris come from land-based sources, which points to humans as the main cause.

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