How many major glaciers are there in the US?



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    Depends on how you define “major.” Many sources say Alaska has 100,000 glaciers, but most of those are probably not “major” by most definitions. Probably no major glaciers in the lower 48.

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    Agreed with the above posting in that there aren’t many “major” glaciers in the lower 48 states. However if you’re looking at glaciers sized at or above 580 square km; Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Nevada would fit the bill. Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Wyoming have glaciers that can be seen from space so I would assume that those are what you would consider major.

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      Note that the 580 sq km figure represents the TOTAL of all those glaciers – not the size of any one of them. The largest one the paper mentions (Emmons) is only 11.2 sq km – about 4 square miles – which I don’t think I would consider major.

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    In Glacier National Park, there are currently 26 glaciers. In 1850, there were 150 glaciers in the park. If the current warming trends continue, there are expected to be no glaciers left there by 2020.

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