How many lizards shed their tails to protect themselves from predators?



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    A recent study has shown the presence of vipers as a lizard predator increases the likelihood a species of lizard will evolve better tail-shedding skills. Most lizards can shed their tails, but the ones surrounded by the most predators, especially vipers (where looking their tail very quickly will save them from the poison), have developed the ability to shed their tail faster.

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    All lizards can shed their tails to protect themselves from predators, only some lizards like iguanas and Komoto dragons cannot grow them back. The mechanism for tail shedding is built into the bone structure of the tail; a weakness in the central region of the tail bone designed to break when pulled. Muscle and skin tissue rip easily and the wound begins to clot to stop bleeding. Larger lizards like the iguana, don’t have the weakness so it takes a much firmer tug to remove the tail; the wound will heal and the lizard will survive. However the lizard’s tail improves the animals speed, agility, and ability to regulate body temperature, so losing it forever places the animal at a disadvantage.

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