How many lights are in the empire state building?



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    Fun question! Unfortunately I can’t come up with a direct answer. Even the Empire State Building’s FAQ (frequently asked questions) database doesn’t seem to contain an answer. We do know that there are 1,000 businesses who have offices in the building, employing 21,000 people, and these people and their employers are serviced by 2,500,000 feet of electrical wire and consume 40 million kwh of electricity per year. How many lights is that? I think it depends on how many overhead lights there are in each room (which will vary), how many lamps people might have on their desks, and how many other lights there are in the corridors, bathrooms, lobbies, elevators, storage spaces, access crawl spaces, basement rooms and all other spaces. There are also the huge floodlights on the exterior top of the building, which change colors frequently to observe events such as Christmas (red and green), the 4th of July (red white and blue), and even the occasion of all-green lighting to celebrate the building beginning an environmental retrofit designed to make it more energy efficient and cut its energy budget from all those lights.

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