How many Ligers have there been born?



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    No confirmed source can validate the exact amount of ligers in existence today, but estimates range from 10 to 100 individuals in captivity.  According to the website ligerworld, there are possibly 30 ligers in the USA, 20 ligers in China, and 9 ligers in Germany.

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    Even though we are unaware of how many ligers there actually are around the world or how many have been born total, there were four born on May 13th of this year (2011) at the Shandong wildlife reserve in China.  Two survived.

    Click here to see the video.

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    Ligers, like many cross-bred animals, are not capable of reproducing on their own and are prone to many diseases and health defects. The success rate in fertilization is also very low – about one liger of every hundred thousand fertilizations will survive. A zoo in China, Hainan Tropical Wildlife and Botanical Garden, has bred 13 ligers in their history.

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