How many leatherback turtles are in New Jersey?



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    It is hard to say because they spend such a significant amount of time in the ocean.  They come to shore to nest, and don’t necessarily nest in the same region every time.  According to the WWF, electronically tracking of this turtle species is just starting to reveal exactly what kind of lives thesy lead, such as what routes they use, dispersion cues, and their movements (which are based partially on trans-Atlantic currents).  According to one study, one leatherback turtle travelled almost 6,000km to get from one shore to the other!  What also makes specifying their exact population rates difficult is the fact that so many get ensnared by fishing nets and hooks during their ocean travels.  However, scientists have been able to determine that the impact these dangers have on their populations is severe – a problem that continues to this day.  They were given the status of “endangered” by the state of New Jersey in 1979.  Of course oil spills have an impact on their populations as well, so environmental disasters should be taken into account as well.

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