How many lb’s of insects does one bat eat in a night?



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    A lot! Hard to find facts for individual bats, but a colony of bats in Texas is known to eat over 500,000 pounds of insects a night. 

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    One bat eats between 600 and 1000 mosquitos a night, which is the rough comparative equivalent of a 150 pound human consuming 100 pounds of food per day.

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    Mosquitoes do not figure greatly in the diet of most bats.  The “fact” about how many mosquitoes a bat can eat in a night was a biased experiment one guy did many years ago where all he offered his captive bats was mosquitoes.

    Most insectivorous bats are eating things like moths and beetles – more worth the effort it takes to capture.  The typical bat consumes about 1/3 of its body weight in insects each night.  Lactating females consume significantly more since they need the extra energy to produce milk for their young.

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