How many large cat species are there?



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    There are varying definitions of the great cats.  The genus sometimes includes lions, leopards, jaguars, and tigers (the only cats which can roar).  But sometimes a more expansive definition is used, including mountain lions, cheetahs, and snow leopards.  However, this only describes big cats within the genus.

    Actual species of big cats are different.  According to scientists, there are 6 species in Central America, 10 in South America, 3 in North America, 3 in Europe, 23 in Asia, and 8 in sub-saharan Africa.

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    There are thirteen species of big cats. They include the Cheetah, Asian Lion, Mountain Lion, African Lion, Jaguar, Clouded Leopard, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Bobcat, Lynx, and Ocelot. They are beautiful though fierce animals found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. 

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