How many landfills are there in the world?



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    Unfortunately, this questions is impossible to answer. The reason for this is that virtually every town or community in America, let alone the world, has some sort of landfill garbage accumulation area. While the United States documents the number of these facilities – roughly 3,091 active landfills and over 10,000 old ones – many countries do not have the funding – or interest – in keeping track of them. It is safe to assume that for every 10,000 people there is one landfill, whether it is an officially recognized facility, or a community garbage collection site that is not sanctioned by a national government. 

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    That question is near impossible to answer because you can safely assume that every town has at least one landfill, and anything larger than a town will have multiple. In addition, there are many undocumented rural areas that could have their own landfills/garbage dumps. The number would be high in the thousands if we every could have a number.

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