How many known exoplanets are there?



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    According to there are 358 known exoplanets! Wow that’s cool — and it says 282 of them are within 200 parsecs (but you know my opinion — it’s what’s here that matters — but still it’s pretty cool!) Wikipedia puts the number a little higher: at 415 extra solar planets (which means planet outside our solar system) I think we should note that there are moons in our solar system that are chock full of resources (basically everything we humans will ever need is within our reach, and in my opinion, we need not concern ourselves with extraterrestrial matters, when there are much more important problems to tackle here on earth [such as world hunger, climate change, poverty, economic disparity, oppression, etc.]) Still, we can spare a moment to ponder the scope of the universe… Check out the links:

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