How many kinds of panthers are native to North America?



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    There are really only two non-extinct big cats native to North America, the jaguar (panthera onca) and the cougar (puma concolor).  Although there is only one species of jaguar and cougar in the Americas, the cougar is noteworthy for having close to forty different names: wildcat, mountain lion, screamer, silver ghost, puma, Mexican lion, mountain lion, deer tiger, mountain screamer, Florida panther, painter, catamount, panther, silver lion, devil cat, Indian devil, sneak cat, king cat, mountain devil, red tiger, deercat, firecat, plain lion, grey lion, caracajou, klandagi, catawampus, quinquajou, longtail, and swamplion.  Of the forty, my favorite name is catawampus….with caracajou a close second.

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