how many kids in the u.s are born with autism?



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    Autism has become an extremely common disorder present in children in the U.S. Currently diagnosed, the numbers stand at 1 in 110 children, with 1 in 70 being boys. Each year, the prevalence of Austim Spectrum Disorders (the all-encompassing name for the group of brain and developmental disordrs) increases. As it stands, it is more likely for a child to suffer from Autism than from diabetes, cancer, or AIDs.

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    It’s true the CDC estimates that the numbers are 1 in 110 children.   I’m not sure if that number is for “classic autism” or the entire specturm.  It’s a tough figure to pinpoint though, because the standards of what can be classified as Austism Spectrum Disorder keep expanding, so it becomes more probable that a child’s condition can be grouped under ASD.  The number will probably increase to, as most autistic children don’t get diagnosed with autism until age 2.   Kids with Asperger syndrome (at the higher functioning end of ASD) may not get diagnosed until age 5.  When I worked in a Psychiatric Treatment home for children, there was even a boy who got diagnosed at age 12.   Also since it’s not the type of condition you can do a black and white biological test for, there are some cases that could be disputed by different professionals, which would also impact data.  

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