How many kidney transplants in a year do Americans get?



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    In 2001, there were 15,331 kidney transplants in the US, 9,078 from cadavers, 3,048 from relatives, and 9,078 from unrelated donors. There were 56,598 people waiting for a kidney, and 2,444 people waiting for a kidney and pancreas.

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      Numbers in the citation are from 2003, not 2001, and the math does not work: the cadavers, relatives, and unrelated donors add up to over 21,000, so probably one is included in part of the other – or it is wrong in the original source (suspect because the two numbers are identical).

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    The above answer gives a fairly typical year, but just in case you wanted a few more recent figures, here they are (note that kidney-pancreas transplants are not included in these figures, but there are about 800-900 of those/year):

    2003: 15,134

    2004: 15,999

    2005: 16,477

    2006: 17,091

    2007: 16,629

    As you can see, the number usually fluctuates between 15,000 and 17,000 transplants/year (or roughly 16,000-18,000/year if you include kidney-pancreas transplants).

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