How many Ivy League Schools are there?…



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    There are 8 Ivy League Schools: 

    Brown University

    Columbia University 

    Cornell University 

    Dartmouth University

    Harvard University 

    Princeton University 

    University of Pennsylvania

    Yale University 

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    There are a few common characteristics shared by the Ivy League institutions: they are some of the earliest universities founded in the United States, all are located in the Northeast region, and the ‘Ivy League’ isn’t an academic classification, it’s an athletic one. However, all 8 schools are internationally reputable due to their excellence of students and research – not their athletic prowess.

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    To relate this question more to green topics, it’s also important to note that Ivy League schools are some of the leading colleges in greening their campuses. In Grist’s list of 15 greenest colleges, Harvard (buses run by biodiesel made from kitchen oil) and Yale each earned a spot. Brown has devoted a number of pursuits to greening its campus, from funding research to earning LEED certification on new buildings.

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