How many Iron Chef episodes have featured blufin tuna?



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    Since blue fin tuna is almost endangered, Alton Brown, the host of Iron Chef America, has decided to take blue fin tuna off the menu.  It will not be an option for any chef competitor. 

    One notable appearance of the blue fin tuna in kitchen stadium was when Makoto Okuwa used the fish in the preparation of five of his dishes.  This fish is commonly used in sushi, which is Okuwa’s specialty.

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    While bluefin tuna has made an appearance on both, the American and the Japanese renditions of Iron Chef, Iron Chef America says it will not use anymore bluefin tuna in the show. This decision came after food blogger Richard Auffrey hounded the show after a chef used otoro, or bluefin belly in a recent episode. Iron Chef commentator, Alton Brown, responded by successfully getting bluefin tuna banned from Iron Chef America. 

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