How many indigenous peoples are alive around the world today?



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    This depends on your definition of indigenous. In the most basic sense, there are almost 6.8 billion indigenous people on the planet, since we are all indigenous to the world. Similarly, you could give the various estimates of native-born individuals living in their home hemisphere/continent/country/state/county/city/neighborhood, etc.

    If you are referring to the more specific meaning, such as that given by wikipedia:

    “The term indigenous peoples can be used to describe any ethnic group of people who inhabit a geographic region with which they have the earliest known historical connection, alongside more recent immigrants who have populated the region and may be greater in number.”

    Then, the UN has the population estimated at between 300 and 370 million, with exact figures unknown due to the general marginalization of the peoples, etc.

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    This is difficult to estimate, but a recent report on a UN forum on Millennium Development Goals stated, “UN officials estimate that more than 1,200 leaders, representing some 370 million indigenous peoples in different parts of the world, attended the Forum,” so that should be a good, albeit likely conservative, estimate.

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