How many homes are run by hydro power?



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    About 20% of the world’s electricity is generated by using hydropower. In the United States, this resource accounts for up to 10% of the nation’s supply of electricity. This 10% can be thought of in the following ways:

    • Hydropower produces more than 90,000 megawatts of electricity annually, which is enough to meet the needs of 28.3 million consumers.
    • Hydropower accounts for over 90% of all electricity that comes from renewable resources (e.g., solar, geothermal, wind, biomass).
    • Hydropower is generated at only 3% of the nation’s 80,000 dams.

    In the Northwest, hydropower is an even larger part of each person’s daily life. Up to 80% of the electricity in the Northwest is produced by hydropower each year. That’s enough electricity to meet the needs of 13.6 million homes. And because hydropower is one of the lowest cost forms of energy, most Northwest residents have a significantly lower electric bill than residents in other parts of the country.

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