How many green planes are there?



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    The International Air Transport Association is trying to engineer a zero-emissions plane in the next 50 years.  Continental Airlines has replaced the majority of its planes with more energy efficient models.  EasyJet, Lufthansa, and Virgin Atlantic have done the same.  Virgin has lead the way in alternative energy airplanes, completeting a biofuel aircraft.  

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    Southwest Airlines has designated one (yes, only one) of its aircraft to test out its green initiatives.  It will have eco-friendly carpeting and seat covers.  It will also switch its “rub strips” from plastic to aluminum which is more durable and also recyclable, and it will have lighter life-vest pouches and a different bulkhead product.   Click here to read more about Southwest’s “green” plane.

    Also, Airbus says it will make greener planes by 2020, which will be designed very differently in order to get better fuel economy.  General Electric and Rolls-Royce, engine manufacturers, have investigated fuel cell and carbon capture technologies, but at this point, the engines would be too big.

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