How many gray whales are left in the ocean?



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    Scientists estimate that there are between 96,000 and 140,000 in a few different, separate populations.

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    There used to be 3 distinct populations of gray whales. The one in the North Atlantic is now extinct. The population in the western north Pacific is now quite small. The vast majority of gray whales belong to the eastern north Pacific population.



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    It seems there are two different populations.  One count is of not more than 160 whales and another count near the eastern pacific region is around 20,000-22,000 gray whales.

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    WWF estimates that there are only 130 of the critically endangered western grey whales left in the wild. Of this number, they believe there are only about 30 breeding females. This number is alarmingly small, and makes it unlikely that this species will be around in the wild for much longer. According to the article below, a Russian oil company is planning seismic surveys in the main feeding area of the whale, which could end up hurting them. WWF is asking for people to sign a petition asking for the company to postpone their surveys at least until next year.

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