How many species go extinct in the average year?



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    Estimates range from 27,000-30,000. Over 10 years ago, Edward O. Wilson estimated that around 30,000 species go extinct every year. Other biologists believe that the number is as high as 27,000 species. This means that 3 species are lost each hour. Research has shown that plant and animal species are “experiencing an unprecedented loss of diversity.” Global warming is likely to increase the rate at which species are going extinct.

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    It is of course difficult to get an exact number as it varies each year, but on average estimates place it as 27,000 species each year. For perspective, this turns out to be about 3 different species each hour! Animals have continually become extinct throughout earth’s history as part of evolution, but it has never happened as quickly as it does currently. Extinction rates have increased dramatically, in large part because of human actions and interferences, changes that are too quick and too significant for species to be able to adapt.

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