How many germs come from a sneeze?



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    The number of germs that expel when you sneeze completely depends on what’s inside your nose. If it’s just allergies that make you sneeze, there will be just pollen and things of that nature, in addition to your natural germs. If you are sick, you will likely sneeze out your natural germs and whatever is making you sick, which is why you are supposed to cover your nose. It really depends on why you are sneezing and whats in your body at the time. 

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    I couldn’t find any information about the average number of germs in a sneeze. However, the droplets expelled by a cough when someone is sick can contain up to 200 million virus particles. Since an average cough contains around 3,000 droplets, and a sneeze can contain up to 40,000 droplets, a sneeze could potentially produce billions of viruses!

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