How many gallons of milk does the average American drink in a year?



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    The most recent research published for average milk consumption in the United States was done in 2001.  During that year, milk consumption reached the record low of less than 23 gallons per person.  Since the beginning of the 20th century, milk consumption has been steadily decreasing.  The consumption of some types of milk though, such as those that are lower in fat, have been increasing.  Below is the link to a graph that accurately demonstrates this concept:

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    The International Dairy Federation reported that in 2006, the average American consumed 83.9 liters, or 22.2 gallons, of liquid milk.

    Breaking the figures down further: in 2001, per capita consumption of whole milk was less than 8 gallons, and per capita consumption of lower-fat milks with 15 gallons, demonstrating that more Americans opt for skim, 1% or 2% milk over whole milk.

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