How many elementary schools in the U.S. have food-growing gardens?



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    Noway, I think this would be an incredibly difficult question to answer accurately.  Many food growing projects start off strong, and are sustained over time, but many others last only one or two seasons. With such a high turnover rate, as well as the lack of a “food garden” governing body of any sort, the statistics are likely to be rough estimates, at best. 

    With that said, I currently work on topics related to food gardens in Vancouver, WA, and I can say that there are a substantial number of people working on, or attempting to implement, food gardens in schools.  Similarly, Portland, OR, right across the river, has a huge community focused on collaborative gardens, such as school and neighborhood plots.  Many large cities have similar programs, and the American Community Gardening Association is a great resource for exploring programs near you.  If you would like to volunteer to start a garden in an elementary school in your town, or elsewhere, ACGA has ample printed resources that can assist you. 

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