How many electric cars is GM producing?



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    I’m not sure if this question means how many cars are produced or how many types of electric cars are being made. G.M.’s only electric car right now is the Chevy Volt. GM is producing about 5,000 Volts a month to keep up with sales of the Nissan Leaf, their competitor.

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    The Chevrolet Volt is the only fully electric vehicle produced by GM. GM also offers four large hybrid vehicles. If you would like to keep up on some of the latest vehicles, I recommend the EPA website. It has a well-maintained database that you can use to search and find the cleanest vehicles.

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    Currently, GM is the first car manufacturer to produce the 2012 Chevy Volt, an electric car that utilizes both battery and gas (now currently available). GM has just begun its plans to become the industry leader in the building and selling of electric cars. The company recently invested $3.75 million to support the production of future electric car parts at its plant in Warren, MI. GM also has begun building a car manufacturing plant dedicated solely to the the production of electric cars in White Marsh, MD. This new electric car plant is expected to open and be in operation sometime in 2013.

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