How many eggs a day do chickens lay?



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    A hen (adult female chicken) will lay one egg approximately every 25 hours. She may lay an egg for three or four days in a row and then “take the day off”. When her laying time reaches late in the day, she will then “start over” the next day. They will lay until about eighteen months, then lose their feathers (molting), and start laying again once the molt is over, although the frequency will start to decline after this.

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    This depends on various factors like the time of year, the breed of the hen, the diet of the hen, the age of the hen, and how the hen is looked after. Chickens lay the most eggs in their first year. Egg levels decrease slowly every year, but the size of the egg increases. In 1900, hen’s averaged just 83 eggs per year but through breeding can now be expected to lay up to 300 eggs in their first year.

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