How many edible species of mushrooms are there?



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    There are several types of edible mushrooms, including common, exotic, and wild mushrooms. Many edible mushrooms look very similar to poisonous mushrooms, so it is suggested that people search for edible mushrooms at a local market. Some edible mushrooms include, but are not limited to:

    – Champignon, or button, mushroom (common)

    – Shiitake mushroom (exotic)

    – Oyster mushroom (exotic)

    – Enoki mushroom (exotic)

    – Cremini mushroom (exotic)

    – Portobello mushroom (exotic)

    – Morel mushroom (wild)

    – Bolete mushroom (wild)

    – Chanterelle mushroom (wild)

    – Black trumpet (wild)

    – Truffles

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