How many earth metals do hybrid cars contain?



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    Hmm. Strange question. I wonder why one asks it… but they probably have lots: definitely aluminum (for a lightweight body / frame [or possibly the engine block / exhaust manifold / or other crucial part] in some varying percentage); they also probably have some steel (bolts?) which is iron infused with some carbon molecules (rarely more than 1.7% in concentration) but which also has other earth metals in it: see quote:

    Steels can be grouped into three major classes: carbon steels, low-alloy steels, and high-alloy steels. All steels contain a small amount of incidental elements left over from steelmaking. These include manganese, silicon, or aluminum from the deoxidation process conducted in the ladle, as well as phosphorus and sulfur picked up from ore and fuel in the blast furnace. Copper and other metals, called residuals, are introduced by scrap used in the steelmaking furnace.  

    So you find copper (and definitely copper is in there for electrical wires)

    And probably also in the Catalytic converter you find: “Platinum is the most active catalyst and is widely used. It is not suitable for all applications, however, because of unwanted additional reactions and/or cost. Palladium and rhodium are two other precious metals used. Platinum and rhodium are used as a reduction catalyst, while platinum and palladium are used as an oxidization catalyst. Cerium, iron, manganese and nickel are also used..” — from wikipedia

    so at least 8     maybe 12?

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