How many amphibians do not have lungs?



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    Amphibians use lungs to breathe when they are on land, but several species do not have lungs. Salamanders, a tiny species of frog, and two species of caecilians, which are wormlike amphibians, all do not have lungs. These animals all breathe through their skin, and tend to be smaller in size which makes it easier to absorb oxygen from the air.

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    Some species of salamanders, which are a type of amphibian, are lungless meaning that they breath through their skin. These salamanders are found in the United States, especially in the east.

    Tadpoles, which is the larval form of frogs, breathe through gills because most of them are aquatic, or live in the water. They do not develop lungs until they metamorphose into adults.

    Caecilians, which are a wormlike amphibian found in the tropics, are either aquatic or burrow in damp soils. Some of these breathe through gills.

    Many amphibians have the ability to absorb oxygen through their skin.

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