How many dinosaurs are known up to this date?



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    According to the USGS, approximately 700 species of dinosaurs have been discovered, but only about half are based on complete specimens that have been shown to be unique species. These species are placed in 300 dinosaur genera (ie stegosaurus). Approximately 540 dinosaur genera, which usually contain only one species, have been named. Recent estimates have suggested that there are still 700 to 900 more genera to be discovered.

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    A little under 1000, although about half of those are only known from one find, so there may be some overlap.  But scientists are confident this is only a fraction of the species that actually lived -remember, the fossil record is spotty.  

    There are about 4,000 mammal species alive right now, and we’ve only been the dominant animals for 65 million years. But dinosaurs ruled the earth for 160 million years -so there were probably even more of them!


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