How many different types of wind turbines are there?



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    Wind turbine design falls into two basic types: horizontal and vertical axis turbines. Horizontal wind turbines are the most recognized and most popular type. Wind turbine design for vertical axis turbines is still being perfected and is contributed primarily by individual inventors.

    Horizontal wind turbines are the most popular because they are efficient and cost effective. Unlike vertical wind turbine designs, horizontal turbines are primarily based off of old windmill designs, a design that has been ongoing for centuries. Horizontal turbines vary in size, but the larger models are most efficient and produce more energy.

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    First, we can seperate them into two different categories, horizontal and vertical axis.

    Horizontal axis windmills are your typical windmills that are designed with one to twenty blades that sit up high on a tower. These are designed to have all of its equipment installed high in the air where the tower is situated. That is the place where it collects all of its power and then moves it down the tower to a generator to store the energy for later use. Horizontal axis windmills consist of three major types and all three types of wind turbines are created in a way that must be pointed in the wind to be effective. The three types are:

    • Classical modern – are those wind mills you usually see on the side of the road. These windmills usually consist of 1-3 blades that rotate around to gain its energy.
    •  Horizontal Darrieus – is a wind turbine altered by having 6 blades. 
    • Pumping wind turbine – is a wind turbine with twenty blades. 

     Vertical axis windmills are less common. These wind turbines are designed to have blades going from the bottom of the mill to the top. This allows the blades on the windmill to rotate when the wind blows from any direction. This gives the vertical axis wind turbine a large advantage over the horizontal axis. There are five major types vertical axis wind mills which are:

    • Aerofoil – this wind turbine has ten blades. These ten blades sit on top of a tower and rotate in a vertical manor.
    •  Windside – this wind turbine has 2 blades with material between the blade and tower making it look like a rolled up flag spinning. 
    • Helical – this wind turbine is designed to have 3 blades joined from the top to the bottom of the tower slanted at different angles. 
    • Savonius – Savonius and the vertical rotor wind turbines are going to look similar with having 2-3 blades that twist vertically. 
    • Vertical Rotor – has 2-3 blades that twist vertically.
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