How many different types of science are there?



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    Science classifications are a convenience, they aren’t hard boundaries. 200 years ago this was less well recognized, but now it’s common to hear cross-field classifications such as “geo-physicist” and “bio-chemist”.

    Another aspect of the convenience is knowing what people are best at. If you have a question about chickens, you don’t first think of asking a geologist. If you have a question about a rock, you don’t ask a biologist.

    It’s also convenient for schools and other academic organizations to pigeonhole professions, so they can create standardized coursework and certification.

    Unfortunately the convenience comes at a heavy price in our modern age, because it can be years or even decades before discoveries in one “field” percolate to another. 

    And if, for example, you’re raising chickens, and want to know which of those tiny pebbles they are always pecking are best for their health … oh-oh … the biologist only knows about chickens, and the geologist only knows about rocks.

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