How many different types of pollution are there?



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    Types of pollution The Pollution is of various types, and It needs different type of pollution control 1 Air Pollution. (It needs air pollution control ) 2 Water Pollution. (It needs water pollution control ) 3 Noise Pollution (It needs noise pollution control ) 4 Environmental Pollution (It needs environmental pollution control ) 5 Soil Pollution (It needs soil pollution control ) 6 Gaseous Pollution (It needs gaseous pollution control )

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    There are 4 main types of pollution: Water pollution- which is pollution in differnt bodies of water, Air Pollution- which is caused by greenhouse gases and also the main cause o acid rains and global warmings, Land Pollution- which includes improper throwing and segregation of garbage and the Noise pollution which can be ver dangerous for our ears and also produces heat and carbon dioxide.

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    Both of these answers are correct, but how many are there total?

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