How many different types of pine trees are there?



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    Pines trees are coniferous trees native to most of the northern hemisphere. They are very valuable to forest ecosystems, wildlife species, and humans for lumber, paper, and construction purposes. There are about 105 to 125 different species of pine tress worldwide.

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    Although the accepted number can fluctuate between 105 and 115 species of pine trees, the general estimate is 115 species worldwide.

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    There are over 100 different types of pine trees in the world (approximately 115). Aside from one type, all of them are native to the Northern Hemisphere. The largest pines are the bull pine (or the western yellow pine) and the sugar pine. Both of these pines are found on the West Coast of the United States.

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    Austrian Pines, Pinus nigra - G. Lumis










    According to the article below, there are about 35 species of pine trees throughout North America, particularly in the northern region.  Pine such as Scots and Austrian were introduced for commercial and ornamental purposes.  They are evergreens with long, needle-shaped leaves.

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