How many different types of materials can be recycled?



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    Taking a broad term of recycling, it is estimated that through composting, donating, and recycling, 70% of trash is recyclable.  Some items take a little research to find a place that accepts the product, like #5 plastics are accepted by Preserve Products at some Whole Foods Locations.  Considered the most common recycled materials are paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and glass.  But, many electronic devices, home appliances, car parts, batteries and aseptic packaging can be recycled. is a great resources for finding recycling locations and a list of acceptable items in your area.   

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    While there are many different types of plastics, not all of them can be recycled and some of those that can be recycled may not be eligible for curbside pick-up or accepted at your local recycling location. To find out which types of plastic you can recycle in your area, you’ll have to contact your local municipal offices or recycling centers. Of the types of plastic that can be recycled, it is critical that they be recycled with their own kind because a small amount of the wrong type of plastic can ruin the melt. Therefore, sorting plastic is a critical part of the recycling process.

    (Steel, Textiles, Paper and Paper Products, Computers and Electronic Equipment, Used Oil, Antifreeze and Tires, Plastics, Batteries, Glass, Organic, Materials)

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