How many different types of grass are there?



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    Grass, or graminoids, are monocotyledonous. The subdivision of this category encompasses a few families: “true grasses”, sedges, and rushes. Further subdivisions are based on the family characteristics. See link for further details.

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    There are a lot of different types of grass, and many of those currently growing on American soil are not native to the US, but were selected.  Here is a list of 18 different types of grass listed by the season they grow best in.

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    There are many different types of grass available for home lawns that have strengths and weaknesses. The different types of grass are listed below. Choosing the right lawn for people’s home depends on the climate of the area and people’s lifestyle.

    Warm Season Grasses:

    1. Bermuda Grass – drought and cold tolerant, resistant to disease and spreads quickly.



    2. St. Augustine Grass – deep rooted, tough, and fast growing.



    3. Buffalo Grass – drought tolerant and low maintenance requirements.



    4. Zoysia Grass – attractive, drought resistant and resilient to wear.



    5. Bahiagrass – good for acidic and sandy soils.



    Cool Season Grasses:

    1. Kentucky Blue grass – great color and resilient to damage.

    2. Fine Fescue – takes less maintenance, has some shade tolerance and many types are cultivated with bug resistant endophytes.

    3. Perennial Ryegrass – can take a beating and is quick to establish.

    4. Tall Fescue – head, shade and drought resistant and withstands high traffic.

    5. Red Fescue – stable through droughts and tolerant to shade.

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