How many different types of forests are there?



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    The word “forest” comes from Latin, forum, which indicates a specific place outside. There are dozens of kinds of forests, that can further divided in subcategories. As a matter of fact, tropical rainforest is different from the temperate rainforest. Other classifications include the “temperate” and the “boreal” category. But they can also be addressed according to the dominant tree species that are present. [For further reference, please consult Wikipedia’s extended section]

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    There are 26 different types of forests divided into two categories: 1.) Temperate and Boreal Forest types and 2.) tropical forest types.


    Here is a list of all the different forests and a brief description at this website.

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    There are many types of forests! We have broad categories for forests like boreal forest or rainforest. WIthin each of these categories there are many more types of forsts. For example, in the tropical forests in the New World you can have a cloud forest where there are clouds present much of the time, a lower elevation forest that can be dry during part of the year, and even areas that are primary or secondary within each of those types of forests.
    In the US we have temperate forests, but some are dominated by maples or some by pines, etc.

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    The source I found lists two broad groups of forests but lists subgroups. Judging from this there are two main types of forests and several subgroups.

    1. Tropical and subtropical forests
    2. Temperature and subpolar forests
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